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Our brands

We are the biggest supplier of truss on the planet and offer customers an unsurpassed range of truss and ready-made structural solutions, as well as compatibility with many of the most popular connection systems across the globe.
PROLYTE bring something new every year. Founded in 1991 in Leek, Holland, it has quickly become famous around the world due to its in-house expertise of being one step a head with a new mentality and new energy. PROLYTE Feel Fantastic.
High quality LITEC truss and components feature a modern design that handles a wide range of projects with style. Every component shows superb craftsmanship and their extraordinary design delivers top levels of safety, scalability and compatibility.
EXE Technology
Products within the EXE range have been engineered to safely move and position stage equipment, scenery, video walls & other related structures before, during and after your performance.
The StageDexis a high quality, lightweight deck
The First
Rigging & Trussing
AFI.tv play